Cardiff – Creating a great Capital City

Cardiff Council have re-imagined Cardiff city centre for a post-pandemic world and published a five-year action plan to help realise their vision of delivering a city centre that is:

– Safe.
– Clean.
– Green.
– Prosperous.
– Attractive.
– Well-maintained; and
– A great Capital City Centre for all visitors, businesses, and residents of the diverse Cardiff community.

Covering everything from enhancing cleanliness and safety, to low-cost spaces to help local and independent businesses, the return of the city’s canals, new public spaces, events, and cultural centres, plus a world-class transport network, increased tree planting, sustainable drainage schemes and much more, the plan aims to re-vitalise the city in the wake of the Covid-19 and the significant changes it has brought to the ways in which we live and do business.

More details here: